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Post  RoirawAp on Fri Aug 08, 2008 6:05 am

1. Basic character information (class,race,name,server,Armory link)
Warrior, Gnome, Roiraw, Aggramar,

2. Main Character (class,race,name,level)
Hunter, Nelf, Polop, 70

3. Personal Information (write something about your self)
I have a short atention span?

4. Funding ( How are you going to fund the your twink?)
3 70's + dailys should do it.

5. Gaming Experience
Alot of /played time, Raided upto BT on my priest.

6. Where did you hear about Is Eating Your Pie

7. Reason for joining
Tis a twink guild.

8. What can you add to the guild?
A twink.

9. Activity (when can you play and for how long? Counting both Main and twink)
Almost any time im not with my gf.

10. References (provide names of friends in Is eating your pie)
No referees.

11. Internet Connection and Computer Spec (this doesn't mean that your computer has to be hardcore)
More than good enough to play wow. Stable connection should be all you need to know.


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Post  Piemaster on Fri Aug 08, 2008 6:16 am

You will have to improve your application before we can accept you, Sorry.

I don't think we need people with a short attention span

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